Archery gear, including crossbows, bolts, broadheads, and accessories, must be carefully selected for Alaskan crossbow hunting expeditions. Crossbows are commonly utilized for hunting various game species across the Alaskan wilderness, such as moose, caribou, black bear, and Sitka black-tailed deer. Engaging in crossbow hunting demands skill in aiming, shooting, and comprehending the equipment’s limitations, alongside an understanding of the animal’s anatomy for ethical and humane harvesting practices. The stealthy and quiet nature of crossbows grants hunters an advantage, particularly in close-range encounters with game animals. To ensure accuracy and effectiveness during hunting expeditions, crossbow hunters must invest in quality equipment. This year, we have selected a quality crossbow from Barnett Crossbows as our Editors’ Choice.

Best Archery Gear

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Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow

Publisher Marcus Weiner acquired one of these crossbows and so far, he is impressed with how accurately it shoots, how intuitive it is to use, and how easy it is to load. It requires some strength to cock this bow, so if you are in doubt whether you can do it, consider the upgraded option with CCD (Crank Cocking Device). With its compact and energy-efficient design, the Hyper Raptor sends small-diameter HyperFlite arrows downrange with incredible speed—up to 410 feet per second and with 142 foot-pounds of energy. We can see targeting several big-game animals with this crossbow in Alaska. If you are interested in getting into crossbow hunting in Alaska, check out this page on the ADF&G website.