Kryptek Vellus SystemVellus_Set.jpg
We tested the Vellus fleece system, which includes jacket, pant and vest. It’s warm, quiet, comfortable and helped us sneak up on game in 2016. Our samples were in the Highlander pattern, which we find to be effective in a range of environments. The garments are windproof and waterproof, as well as breathable, which are necessary components for hunting in Alaska. Garments incorporate scent-control and are equipped with many pockets for storing the necessary items for a mobile hunter. We thoroughly endorse this system.

ArcticShield Heat Echo Light Jacket and PantArctic-ShieldHeatEcho.jpg
This set is windproof, water-resistant, breathable, incorporates bamboo charcoal fibers for scent minimization and is well-suited to hunting in Alaska. It features ArcticShield Retain Active technology, which essentially is nano-sized particles built-into the garments to provide thermal insulation. This is a good thing in Alaska, where hunters may alternate between sitting still while glassing followed by rigorous exertion stalking game, all while temperatures can reach the freezing point. Both garments have plenty of pockets, are comfortable and fit well. Our tester commented that he especially liked the fit and function of the pant, commenting positively on the belt, pockets and silicone band shirt-keeper, which keeps the base layer from slipping out.

Caddis Waders Hybrid Stockingfoot Chest WaderCaddis-Waders-Hybrid-Stockingfoot-Chest-Wader.jpg
Rivers in Alaska are cold, especially those that are glacially-influenced. These waders from Caddis are an excellent option for hunting near water, combining neoprene on the bottom for warmth and breathable material on the top. Some of the features we like in these waders are the fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets and the front storage pocket with a waterproof insert pouch. Gravel guards are attached and seams are taped, glued and stitched.

Kryptek Men’s Cadog Pant HighlanderKryptek-Men's-Cadog-Shield-Pant-Highlander-IMG_0915.jpg  
We loved the feel of these high-quality, fleece backing, stretch fabric pants. They are super comfortable to wear and are water-resistant. We really appreciate the knee pad pockets for kneeling or scaling rugged terrain. The pant material is rugged and well suited for harsh environments. Pants incorporate convenient zippered pockets for storage and are well designed. The Highlander camouflage pattern seems perfect to blend in with surroundings while stalking game.

ArcticShield Silent Pursuit Jacket and PantArctic-Shield-Silent-Pursuit-set.jpg
We like that this waterproof and windproof set is quiet, which is advantageous when stalking game. It’s also breathable, and this is a favorable attribute, allowing testers to release heat and moisture built-up from a stalk or in traveling between glassing positions. The Timber Tantrum pattern is general enough to allow wearers to blend into many Alaska environments.

Drift Creek Outdoors Granyte RainwearDrift-Creek-Outdoors-Granyte-Rainwear-SET.jpg
This rainwear is tough and completely waterproof, and those are essential qualities in rain gear, especially in Alaska. When moving, the rain gear is quiet, making it a good choice for hunters and anglers.

Kryptek Men’s Koldo Blockade JacketKryptek-Men's-Koldo-Blockade-Jacket-Highlander-IMG_0922.jpg  
Our field-tester loved the feel of this high-quality and waterproof performance jacket. The material is tough and well-suited to Alaska’s unforgiving weather conditions and terrain. The pockets are the right height to accommodate a pack. The waterproof zippers are well-designed and the jacket incorporates smart ventilation options. The Highlander pattern helped our tester blend into the landscape and execute successful stalks.

Yukon Gear Women’s 1/4 Zip BaselayerYukon-Gear-Women's-baselayer.jpg
Our tester liked the loose fit and that the shirt wicks moisture from the skin. She also liked the thumb loops, helping keep the layer in place, the hand partially warm and eliminating cool air from entering the shirt sleeve. She also commented that it was soft and comfortable and doesn’t break the bank.

Woolrich Men’s Bromley Sporting Half Zip Thermal SweaterWoolrichBromley.jpg
This is a quality item from Woolrich, made for the outdoors. It is like a sweatshirt pull-over with a half-zip top. It is a great choice for hunting or the shooting range. It has reinforced patches on both shoulders and elbows and is attractive and very comfortable.

Buff Polar Buff Mossy Oak BreakUp CountryBuff-Polar-Mossy-Oak-Break-up-Country.jpg
We like that this headgear has a lot of ways it can be worn and that it is warm. It combines Polartec Classic 100 fleece with the Original Buff. Among other ways, you can wear it as a neckerchief, headband, mask and beanie. We like it as a neckerchief as it covers exposed skin and helps keep us warm when sitting still looking for game.

Ibex Men’s Indie Full-ZipIbex-Indie_FZ.jpg 
Made from merino wool for uncompromising comfort, this full-zip sweater incorporates a natural fiber layer that is perfect for cooling down, warming up or as an all-purpose layer. With thumbholes for easy layering, this was a favorite from our year’s travels. We also like how the merino wool is naturally scent-resistant, helping us to remain undetected while sneaking up on game.

Sitka Gear Merino Core Zip-T & BottomSitkaGearMerinoLayers.jpg
The Merino Core Zip-T will regulate your body temperature, move moisture away from your skin and provide natural odor-resistance. This 100% merino wool high-performance top also offers a deep-centered front zip and flatlock seam construction, meaning it’s durable as well as functional. Add the Merino Core Bottoms for a complete next-to-skin layer and ensure you’ll be able to stay out in the elements all day long.

The Best Apparel of 2017 Tested by our Editors for Alaskan Hunters