Kryptek Camouflage

The Highlander pattern is awesome and blends into the tundra. The Koldo jacket and pants are waterproof, lightweight and have ample storage in multiple pockets. We like the zippered legs that allow for venting as well as for putting pants on while wearing boots. Combined with Kryptex performance layers, you are impervious to the elements and hidden to the animals.

Frontier Safety and Supply Survival Kit

The kit combines such useful tools as a Platypus water bottle, compass, Havalon knife, first aid supplies, a mini flashlight, matches, firestarter, water purification tablets, duct tape, rope, and bug repellent into one Loksak carrying case. This kit will be accompanying us on many backcountry journeys.

Nightforce SHV 4-14x56mm scope

This premier scope maker created this product to combine the features of their super high-end scopes into a unit that hunters can afford. It’s robust, reliable and incredibly powerful. SHV stands for Shooter, Hunter, Varminter. We found that we could see detail much farther than we cared to shoot!

Leuopold BX-3 Mojave 10x42mm Binoculars

These binoculars provide excellent image clarity and field of view. They are very reasonably priced for optics of this caliber.

Forbes Rifle Model 24B .30-.06

This lightweight mountain rille is just the ticket for the sheep or goat hunter needing to really minimize the weight of every item carried. The one we are testing is dressed in Kryptek camo which we appreciate. The three shot rifle incorporates an internal clip, and at 5.5 pounds, it’s the lightest rifle in our gun safe.

Chota Hippies and Lost Creek Wading Boots

Chota Hippies are convertible hip waders that can be worn in three positions from below the knee, to mid thigh to waist high. They are lightweight and breathable, making them easy to hike in, and come in both tan and camouflage pattern, both of which we find applicable for hunting. Combine these with a pair of Chota Lost Creek Wading Boots and you have a versatile hunting and fishing wading package.

Raptorazor Combo Pack

The combo pack includes both the Mako and Big Game Skinner, both of which help a hunter to breakdown an animal quickly and efficiently. Replacement blades cost $16.50 for five blades, making it easy to always have a razor sharp edge.

Hilleberg Allak

This lightweight, two-man tent provides ample room for two adults to sleep within, and has matching vestibules on either side of the tent for gear storage. It’s easy to setup; three equally- sized poles enter color-coded sleeves, and then clips attach the remainder of the tent to the poles. The integrated rainfly attaches quickly to the tent, and their are many attachment points for staking the tent in heavy winds. We’ve used this tent in many places in bad weather and it’s our go to for remote trips.

Winchester Supreme E-Tip Rifle Ammunition

We’ve used a range of ammunition in this line, from 130-grain .270 loads to 150-grain .30-.06 to 180-grain .300 Win Mag bullets and found them to be reliable and accurate.

Pristine Ventures PR-49 raft

This super-lightweight raft is well-suited for the backcountry hunter. It’s tough and provides an ample 850-pound capacity. The boat only weighs 15 pounds, so a hunter can hike upstream with the boat and float an animal back downriver. The system comes with a four-piece kayak paddle, air pump, repair kit, a seat and cargo sling.