Moose Hunt in Icy Bay

Moose populations in Alaska are strong, with estimates of up to 200,000 moose roaming the Great Land. But since the state is extraordinarily large, there’s not a moose in every pond.

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Sometimes hunting in Alaska is best done using a waterway. Here are our favorite watercraft we tested. These are the best watercraft for hunting in 2020 Aire Lion 18’ Read More...


Alaska Hunting Trip Planning Service

Need An Alaska Hunting Trip Planning Service? Fill out the form below and the Alaska hunting experts at Hunt Alaska will give you all the details you need to plan your Read More...

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ADF&G Drawing Hunt Permits Information

ADF&G Draw Permit Information Alaska Hunting Drawing Permits Alaska Hunting Registration Permits Alaska Hunting General Season Alaska Hunting Auction Permits Alaska Hunting Small Game Permits Alaska Hunting Waterfowl Permits

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Alaska Hotels & Other Accommodations

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Alaska Game Transporters for Hunters

Find Alaska game transporters and hunting drop-off services to meet your needs below. Tip: Get expert-tailored advice and recommendations for your Alaska hunting trip and game transporters Read More...

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Alaska Hunting Lodges & Guides

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