Firearms & Ammunition

Guns & Ammunition Browning Wicked Blend 3 1/2” Shotgun Shells Contributing Editor Scott Haugen spends a lot of time waterfowling. He explained, “The all-new Browning Wicked Blend Read More...

Firearms & Ammunition2021-05-07T10:21:24-08:00

Small Game Alaska

By Paul D. Atkins   As we pushed our way through the waist deep snow the big snowshoe hare just sat there and waited. His “white” camouflage blended perfectly Read More...

Small Game Alaska2021-02-15T10:26:27-08:00

Archery Gear for the New Year

By Joni Kiser The 2015 Archery Trade Show (ATA) took place this year in Indianapolis, IN. Although the show is a huge event, it is actually closed to the public Read More...

Archery Gear for the New Year2021-02-15T10:26:57-08:00

Cold Weather Bowhunter

By Paul D. Atkins My hands were freezing and the thought of drawing back a bow in such cold weather scared me. But the musk ox bull in front Read More...

Cold Weather Bowhunter2021-02-15T10:27:40-08:00

Bowhunting with Paul Atkins: Caribou Success

Within the hour we had two very nice bulls on the ground. We were thrilled, thankful and excited. My BowTech bow and Gold Tip arrows preformed flawlessly and the Read More...

Bowhunting with Paul Atkins: Caribou Success2021-02-15T10:28:03-08:00

Bowhunting with Paul D. Atkins

The bugs were awful, and even though my makeshift head net was pulled down tight over my collar, they were still finding their way in. After spending all night Read More...

Bowhunting with Paul D. Atkins2021-02-15T10:28:21-08:00


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