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COVER/ Sarah Warren, wife of Ron Warren, owner of Alaska Guide Service. © Ron Warren


The Brown Bear Experience
Recounting an October brown bear hunt on the Alaska Peninsula, guide Billy Molls is reminded that testing oneself in the raw Alaska wilderness can deliver the bitterest defeat, but also provide the sweetest of victories.

Getting States as a Bowhunter
Want to take the next step from archer to bowhunter, but don’t know where to begin? Start here. Bowhunting plays a huge role in Joni Kiser’s life, and with this article she hopes to encourage other women to take advantage of the resources available to get out and find their passion for the hunt.

Alfognak Elk
This is the story of an Alaska elk hunt immersed in the highlands of Alfognak Island, where the author and his four companion experienced the wet, the cold and the cramped muscles of each day’s hunt, but also the benefits of basing their adventure from Raspberry Island Remote Lodge.

Predator Hunts in Alaska
Join author John Whipple as he explains why you should become a predator hunter in Alaska. You can hunt year round and actually earn money doing it.

Equiptment for the Traveling Bowhunter
Spending more than 160 days per year on the road, hunting or in the field shooting photographs, Contributing Editor Lon Lauber knows more than most what it takes in equipment and logistics to complete a long-distance bowhunt. His system helps take some of the hassle out of frequent travel, and here he passes along what he’s learned.

First Bird
A hunter’s first bird is important, perhaps more important than any other upland bird that might be taken throughout a hunting life, Contributing Editor Jim McCann knows how special this memory can be, and here, with some delight, he passes along the taking of another “first bird.”