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Ten-Footers Don’t Come Easy by Billy Molls
Come along as author and Alaska big-game guide Billy Molls braves unwelcoming weather and uninhabitable terrain in the hunt for one of the most dangerous animals in the world, matching wits with these coastal giants in an environment that tests both a sportsman’s body and mind.

Caribou from the Aleutian Chain by Bjorn Dihle
On remote, scenic Adak Island, far removed from most of the rest of Alaska, Bjorn and the rest of the Dihle crew trek through some history and the expanses of wild terrain for a shot at the island’s grass-fed caribou.

Crash Course: Moose Float! by Bill Foster
Whether your first or fifteenth, a float-hunt for Alaska moose is a massive undertaking, but as this intrepid group proves, the adventure waiting for you in the field is just as big.

Double on the White Monarchs by Lon E. Lauber
Never one to shy away from a challenge, Contributing Editor Lon Lauber heads into the bush looking to double on Dall sheep and mountain goat. A bowhunt to remember is the end result.

Youth Archery by Melissa Norris
Hunt Alaska publisher Melissa Norris checks out the shooting going on at Full Curl Archery, where Alaskan youngsters are busy honing their bow skills for use in the field.

COVER/ Joni Kiser, owner of Full Curl Archery in Anchorage, with a Pope and Young brown bear she took with her bow.