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Getting it Right with Knives
by Tom Claycomb 34

Tom Claycomb tests a lot of knives, and here he gives us all the ins and outs of his favorites: DiamondBlade Knives and Knives of Alaska. He’s used their knives for 12 years and explains here why they are his go-to outdoor knives. 

Ruffing it in Alaska
by Jim McCann 42

For interior Alaska resident Jim McCann, taking ruffed grouse over two fabulous bird dogs is about as good as life gets, and so that’s why he spends as many September daysas possible in the woods. Journey along with him for one such outing in this feature.

Egegik Brown Bears, Revisited!
by Scott Haugen 48

Alaska is a spectacular place, which Scott Haugen knows very well, but this trip stands out above the rest—and all it took was a giant Alaska Peninsula brown bear to make it happen.

Ebb & Flow of Bowhunting Black Bears
by Lon E. Lauber 54

The highs and lows of bowhunting coastal black bears are frequently influenced by the ebb and flow of the dramatic tides in southeast Alaska, and here Lon Lauber takes you inside the quest. If you are up for a roller-coaster ride of emotional and literal tides, give bear hunting during the spring in southeast Alaska a try. 

Horns, Antlers, Feathers & Fur
by Tom Ferguson 60

Just utter the word Kodiak among hunters and you’ll soon learn why the island should be your next hunting destination. Brown bears, mountain goats, Roosevelt elk, Sitka black-tailed deer, foxes, flocks of ptarmigan, and a wide variety of waterfowl are a sampling of what awaits you.

Nothing is Easy
by Billy Molls 66

Sheep hunters do some unusual things, but then that’s what it takes to spend 10 days in Alaska trudging through bogs, crawling up sheer mountain faces and undergoing a host of other unpleasant things—all for the chance, just a chance, to take a full-curl ram. What’s success look like? Read here to find out.