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Fall 2018
Goats at 50!

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Goats at 50
by Paul Atkins 36

Paul Atkins relives his first successful goat hunt, a feat he accomplished at the tender young age of 50. The billy was the last North American big game animal he needed to complete his Super Ten.

Woman, Mountain, Wild: A Sitka blacktail hunting story
by Bjorn Dihle 44

Admiralty Island, known for its dense population of brown bears, also has great numbers of Sitka blacktail deer. Bjorn Dihle and his girlfriend, MC Martin, took two bucks on this 2016 Admiralty Island hunt. And yes, Bjorn is a lucky man!

Etolin Island Elk: An Epic Adventure
by Jared Cook 50

Join Jared Cook as he and friends Tru Tripple and Brian DeNatly pursue a massive Roosevelt bull on the rugged terrain of Etolin Island in southeast Alaska.

The Buck with Two Lives
by Lon E. Lauber 58

Tracking and recovering arrowed big game animals is sometimes easy. Other times it requires all the ethical persistence and diligence you can muster, along with experience gained in the field or through reading articles like this, plus a little bit of luck. Lauber shares a wealth of experience in the story of tracking this Kodiak Island blacktail.

Ten Foot Trumps Full Curl
by Billy Molls 68

The Alaska Peninsula is known for its large population of giant brown bears. Here, Billy Molls recounts the adventure of a bruin hunt that resulted in the number one Boone and Crockett brown bear taken by his client, Lonnie Cook.

COVER / Paul Atkins worked hard over many hunts to take a mountain goat in Alaska. © Paul Atkins

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