Rogue Jet Boatworks Landing Craft
The Landing Craft, by Rogue Jet Boatworks, has become an all-around favorite for sporting and utility applications throughout the Pacific Northwest. Designed specifically to accommodate logistics needs for sporting activities, the Landing Craft has fast become the favored choice to bring home the payload. Capable of heavy loads, the Drop Bow hauls it all, and with plenty of free board can be used for a multitude of applications.

Pristine Ventures PackRaft Alaskana (PR-49)
The PR-49 PackRaft Alaskana is an extremely versatile pack raft for Alaska adventurers. It weighs a mere 15 pounds and packs into most backpacks for easy transport to the field. The PR-49 packraft comes complete with a 4-piece kayak paddle, air pump, repair kit, a seat and a cargo sling. Ideal for remote fishing, big-game hunting or other serious river adventures, it offers an impressive 850-pound max-load capacity.

Can Am Defender
This side-by-side comes in a range of body styles from the compact Defender to the 6-seat Defender Max HT. All feature heavy-duty Rotax engines (three options to choose from), have been designed to handle narrow trails with a tight turning radius, incorporate a cargo bed well-suited to a range of hauling needs, including gear and game, and are built for safety with a roll cage. These machines would work well to get anglers and hunters into the back-country. Visit Team CC in Eagle River or Wasilla to get a look at these workhorses.

Pristine Ventures Kork Raft
The Kork is an 11-foot packraft that weighs under 40 pounds, though it is capable of carrying more than 1,000 pounds of man, gear and animal. Pristine Ventures designed this raft to be powered with oars, kayak paddle or a small outboard, making it versatile enough for all of your wilderness adventure needs. The rugged design takes the successful features of the PR-49 packraft and raises the raft’s performance as a load-hauler to the next level by adding a 2.5-inch rigid inflatable floor, wider chafe-guard coverage on the bottom surface and over-sized tubes with larger tapered bow- and stern design for supporting heavy loads.


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