The best hunting optics can give you an edge while hunting in Alaska.

These are the best scopes, binoculars, and rangefinders for 2021

Leupold RX-1600i TBR/W
We used this range finder successfully in 2020 on multiple hunts. One of the features we really appreciate is True Ballistic Range technology which takes into account the angle of the shot. It can range reflective targets out to 1600 yards and is usable on animals out to 1000 yards. The unit easily and quickly acquires targets and delivers a reading, it is compact, weatherproof, easy to use and accurate. We were really impressed with how well this unit works in low-light conditions.
Leupold Optics DeltaPoint Pro
Contributing Editor Sarah Stallone offered these insights, “Everyone shoots better with a red dot—it’s true! Switching from aligning sights to superimposing a dot on a target shortens response times and instantly increases accuracy. Whether you’ve honed your handgun skills for sport, protection, or bear defense, you know that target acquisition and engagement are where you live or die. The DeltaPoint Pro from Leupold Optics is built to last. This feature-packed optic is rugged and reliable whether you mount it on a .454 or 10mm for bear, or a 9mm for your home. Years of battery life, a fully waterproof housing, customizable dot-brightness levels, and Motion Sensor Technology are just a few of this optic’s unique features. From the field to the home, improve your speed and accuracy with a DeltaPoint Pro!”
Vortex Diamondback HD 15×56 Binoculars
These binos were new in 2020 and we tested out a pair on a blacktail deer hunt and a moose hunt. We were impressed with the clarity of the image and the range of these binos, which far outperformed their price point. The set comes with a comfortable neck strap, GlassPak binocular case and case harness, objective lens covers on tethers, an eyepiece cover and a tripod adapter. With 15-power magnification and a 56 mm objective lens, you can really glass a long ways. We recommend using a tripod when glassing at long distances.
Leupold Optics VX5HD
Contributing Editor Sarah Stallone brings years of experience into this recommendation, “Adapting to all hunting situations with one optic is nearly impossible. Low power is needed for close-range snap shooting, like deer hunting or bear defense. Higher magnification is needed for caribou and sheep hunting, or long-range shooting practice. Many hunting seasons overlap and conquering any Alaskan big-game animal with one scope is possible with the Leupold VX5HD! The 1-5 power is ideal for heavier calibers (.45-70 or .375) and close-quarters hunting. The 2-10 power is a great mid-range hunting option, and 3-15, Leupold Optics bestselling optic, gives the hunter or shooter options for close and long range. The VX5HD offers unparalleled low-light clarity, rugged durability, waterproof and lightweight performance for any caliber and any game. Scope weights range from 13- to 19 ounces depending on power range, reticle, and objective-lens size, and all models have 30 mm main tubes. You truly can have one scope for every application!”