Best Camping Gear for Hunting
in Alaska in 2016

FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Premium KitFoodSaver_GameSaver_Outdoorsman_Premium_Kit.jpg
The FoodSaver GameSaver Silver was designed with outdoorsmen in mind to allow them to preserve freshly caught fish or game. It’s ruggedly built to continually seal up to 25 bags. The kit includes 25 quart-sized bags, 18 gallon-sized bags, one eight-inch and one 11-inch-wide (both 10 feet long) roll of bags, a 2 1/4-quart marinater, a carrying case and a 15-foot 12-volt power cord for remote use. Three tips to consider: 1) Pre-freeze fish or game for an hour or two before vacuum-sealing. It will reduce the amount of liquid in the bag and stiffen the fish or game, both of which will promote a better vacuum-seal. 2) Put a paper towel in the bag to absorb moisture. 3) Wrap the fresh fish in plastic wrap before sealing. We found this process to really increase the lifespan of our frozen Chinook and having learned it at Togiak Lodge, we continue to do it ourselves at home. For 2016, FoodSaver is releasing new GameSaver models.

Weston Pro-350 Meat GrinderWeston_Pro-350_Meat_Grinder.jpg
With the Weston Pro-350, you can grind meats for handcrafted burgers, meatloaf, sausage and more. In 2015 we used it to grind deer and moose into burger, and loved its smooth operation, sturdy components, ease of assembly and cleaning. The unit grinds 4- to 6 pounds of meat per minute. Weston makes several models, with the largest capable of grinding up to 18 pounds per minute.

Smokehouse Big Chief SmokerSmokehouse.jpg
We used this smoker to make blacktail deer jerky in 2015 and were pleased with the end product. You can fit up to 50 pounds of meat into the unit and it is very easy to use. The product includes a 1 3/4-pound bag of wood chips as well as a recipe booklet. Smokehouse also produces a wide range of jerky and sausage making products.

Spiceologist Smoky Honey Habanero Sweet & Spicy RubSpiceologis.jpg
This is Spiceologist’s best-selling product for a reason! Smoky, sweet and yet spicy it goes great with moose tenderloin, salmon or halibut. The honey carmelizes on the steak when grilled. Bon appétit!

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