I had a chance to test some of Kuiu ultralight gear on a caribou hunt this past fall. There were three hunters on this trip, and each usedKuiu gear; we all had the same results with it.

I really liked the Yukon Series garments. The gear kept me warm and dry both when it was below zero and still at 50 above. We encountered freezing rain, snow and howling winds on this hunt. Even when packing large loads of meat in the snow, the Kuiu gear kept you warm and dry. It also really lets your skin breathe, so you do not get sweated up, like happens when wearing most other rain gear. Another friend on the hunt had the Chugach Series apparel and was quite pleased as well; even though the Chugach Series garments are lighter than the same jackets and pants in the Yukon Series, it also kept him dry and breathed easily. The Kuiu Chugach Series gear was not as warm, but it served perfectly as rain gear.

We also all had the Guide Series jacket and pants. We had both camo patterns, the Verde and the Vias, and each performed well in tundra conditions. The gear has plenty of pockets for storage and ventilation zippers. Both pants and jacket could be a little quieter, but overall it was really good gear.

The last piece of clothing I tested was the Kuiu Super Down Hooded Jacket, and this was by far my most favorite piece of gear. The Super Down Hooded Jacket was extremely light, water-resistant and warm. I was skeptical about it holding up to the extremes of Alaska, as it was so light, but it is a very warm jacket and one of my favorites. The wind blew 40- to 50 mph with temperatures in the 20s and that coat kept me warm.

Overall, we were extremely happy with the Kuiu gear, and I say it’s is worth the money. Good gear is a must for Alaska, and this is gear to keep you warm, dry and comfortable, while still performing just as they said it would.