Testers at Hunt Alaska magazine review many products over a broad range of categories within each calendar year. From bullets and rifles to knives and packs, boots, layering and outerwear, and even on to GPS units and optics, we find ourselves privileged to test and report what’s new and useful for hunters in the Alaska outback.

On a recent adventure north of the Arctic Circle in search of caribou, staff members wore Kryptek camouflage base layers and outerwear and were impressed. It’s now their first choice for hunting wear.

Koldo Jacket / Rain Pant Combo

MSRP: $449.98

Rugged, waterproof, windproof and lightweight, we were thoroughly impressed when using this rain gear on fishing and hunting trips in 2014. Many technical features are built into the system, the primary being a 3-ply design that keeps the user dry, windproof and warm. The Highlander camo pattern is radical and blends in extremely well with varied terrain, including the Arctic tundra north and west of Kotzebue. Ample-sized and plentiful pockets are found in both the jacket and pants. Heat regulation was well-managed through the breathable material and venting features built into both the jacket and pants.

Poseidon Lightweight Jacket / Pants Combo

MSRP: $399.98

With a combined weight of about a pound and a half, this highly-packable set provides excellent foul-weather protection. Our set was in the Highlander pattern, which we think blends well with fall colors across a varied Alaska terrain, but you can choose from among many awesome patterns in the Kryptek line. The set kept our tester nice and dry despite the occasional deluge and was light-enough so as to reduce overheating while hiking. We like the full-length zippers on both sides of the pants, which make it easy to put pants on while wearing boots and also allows venting during rigorous stalks.

Merino Wool Baselayer Top and Pant

MSRP: $119.99 each

Testers found themselves comfortable over a range of temperatures with this 95% merino wool / 5% spandex combination layering system. The technical garments keep you warm when wet, don’t hold odor and are comfortable to wear. They also wick moisture well and dry quickly, as our tester verified on many hikes to a nearby mountain ridge from where he could survey the country for many miles in all directions.

Kryptek offers a wide range of high-quality clothing that ranges from performance hunting outwear to layering, gloves, headwear and street wear. Visit www.kryptek.com to see the range of patterns and products available from this innovative company.