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COVER / A beautiful bowl like this would be appreciated by most Alaskan hunters. © Anthony Madden


A Guide toMoose Hunting Success
Whether new to hunting moose in Alaska or a sourdough with a dozen racks on your trophy wall, this guide to moose hunting in the 49th state is just the refresher course one needs as the season opens in 2015.

Archery Terminology
Don’t let the bowhunter’s lingo remain a foreign language. Here Joni Kiser explains some basic terms and definitions to make the process of getting started in archery a little less intimidating.

Hunting a Mountain Monarch
Having drawn a coveted late-season sheep permit, Bjorn Dihle hikes deep into the Delta Range in search of a mountain monarch and again find’s there’s more to a successful Alaskan hunt than a full-curl ram.

Mountain Swamp Donkeys
Hunting moose in the high country is hard work, particularly on a hike-in hunt, but undergoing some pain to hunt these hard-to-reach areas can pay off with the adventure of a lifetime-and a trophy moose strapped to your pack.

In Quests of Caribou
Caribou symbolize the essence of the Alaska wilderness and provide a non-resident hunter or bowhunter with an excellent chance of success on a do-it-yourself hunt. Here Contributing Editor Lon E. Lauber explains why, and then how to get it done.

Cold Bay Mixed Bag
Join the author and his hunting partners for a week in Cold Bay, a small town with a considerable waterfowl “problem”- as if access to a stunning variety of ducks and geese could ever be considered a problem.