Best Bowhunting Equipment for Hunting in Alaska in 2017

Gearhead Archery T20 Carbon Fiber Compound BowGearHeadBow.jpg
Weighing just 2.9 pounds, testers found this compound bow both light and extremely quiet, built from a carbon fiber pattern that dampens sounds and vibration like no other riser. Capable of speeds up to 335 feet per second, this designed-to-hunt bow is extremely fast as well.

Swhacker BroadheadsSchwackerBroadheads.jpg
The archery buffs at Full Curl Archery loved Swhacker Broadheads this year. These precision broadheads are designed to cut twice—the small wings cut hide and bone, and then the other blades come through to get the organs. Efficient and uniquely-designed, they’re sure you’ll love Swhacker too.

Victory VAP TKO ArrowsViktoryVAP_TKOarrow.jpg
If you are looking for maximum kinetic energy, coupled with unmatched penetration, then the new VAP TKO is the right arrow choice, according to the experts at Full Curl Archery. With this design, an outer layer of carbon is oriented at 45-degree directions to reduce twisting during launch. The arrows also feature a small diameter shaft for more wind-resistance, allowing a pass-through with every shot.

Bowtech Reign 6 and Reign 7BowtechReign6&7.jpg
Bowtech Archery designed it’s 2017 flagship not with one thing in mind, but with everything in mind. As a bowhunter, contributing editor Paul D. Atkins truly loves the new smart technology that BowTech has engineered, and says, “The new Reign 6 and 7 are are ultra-smooth, quiet, powerful and balanced, dominating every category, not just one. These technologies work in unison to create a smarter bow, a bow that works for the shooter, offering the ability to micro-tune every aspect for the ultimate in accuracy and forgiveness. For me here in Alaska and especially here in the Arctic where it isn’t always the easiest, I want a bow that I can adjust when needed and feel comfortable on every shot or animal I’m pursuing.”

Wasp BroadheadsWasp_Sharpshooter.jpg
Hunt Alaska Contributing Editor Paul Atkins uses Wasp Broadheads in the field, because, in his own words, “I stick with what works. That’s why I use one of the oldest, most heralded brands in the archery industry. Made in America, these sharp out-of-the-package broadheads work on all types of Alaska game, anything from monster moose to caribou they have never let me down.” Atkins recommends three models, all of which he uses in Alaska: Drone, Sharpshooter and Deep Six.