Winchester SX4 Upland Field
The fastest shotgun in the world, the original SX4 just got better. Improved ergonomics and larger operating buttons make overall function fast and easy. It is gas operated and has a 3-inch chamber.
Benelli ETHOS Sport
The award-winning ETHOS line has new Sport models in 12-, 20-, and 28-gauge. They feature a recoil-absorbing cheek comb, raised carbon fiber rib barrel porting and increased barrel length. They will cycle the lightest of loads.
Winchester Model 70 Coyote Light
Weighing just 7 pounds, 8 ounces, the ultimate long-range rifle gets an upgrade to shoot suppressed. It features a short-action, 24-inch barrel, vented stock, aluminum bedding block, and a stainless, fluted barrel.
Mossberg 590 Shockwave Shotgun
Mossberg’s 590 Shockwave series of pump-action shotguns have opened new doors to compact firepower. They feature a 14-inch barrel, 26.5-inch overall length, Raptor bird’s head style pistol grip, clean-out tube magazine cap, front bead sight and strapped forend. They are available in 12- and 20 gauge as well as .410, providing options for all shooters.
Weatherby Mark V CarbonMark
This rifle uses a 26-inch carbon-fiber barrel that’s 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels of the same contour. A 9-lug Mark V magnum action and LXX trigger results in smooth, precise operation and cycling. Fluted bolt, reduced grip diameter, aluminum bedding block, matte gel coat finish, and more; it’s available in .257 Wby. Mag, 6.5-300 Wby. Mag, and .300 Wby. Mag.
Nosler Model 48 Long-Range Carbon Rifle
The Model 48 LR-Carbon is an excellent choice for mountain hunting, backcountry excursions, and long-range competition. It includes all of the same features that made the Model 48 Long Range a success with the addition of a 26-inch PROOF Research, carbon fiber-wrapped, match-grade barrel. It combines precision machining with space-age materials technology, and a PROOF barrel reduces the overall weight of the rifle while providing the utmost accuracy and durability. PROOF’s carbon fiber-wrapped barrels are not only lighter, they are stiffer, and dissipate heat better than traditional stainless barrels for enhanced accuracy, shot after shot. Precisely mated to a trued and faced Model 48 receiver and bedded in a Manners MCS carbon-fiber stock, the PROOF barrel brings space-age technology to your next hunting rifle. Weighing in at seven pounds, there are multiple calibers available.
22 Nosler
Approaching .22-250 velocities in a smaller package, the 22 Nosler yields 25% more case capacity and is 400 FPS faster than the .223 Remington. It can push a 55-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet 3,500 FPS out of an AR-15 and is the most powerful .22 caliber available for this platform.
Black Hills Gold .270 Winchester 130-grain Hornady SST
We used this round to take deer in 2017. It’s flat shooting, has a muzzle velocity of 2950 FPS and energy of 2512 Ft Lbs, which gives the round plenty of knock-down power. We were able to shoot consistently tight groups at 100 yards at the range and were very impressed with the consistency of this bullet. The Hornady SST (super-shock-tip) round is designed to lock the jacket and core together, increasing weight retention and the integrity of the bullet. Final result, deer down.
Brenneke Black Magic Magnum
Brenneke is the go-to manufacturer of high-quality bear defense slugs. Their Black Magic Magnum is among the best in the world for maximum penetration when it counts. Available in a 12-gauge, 3-inch slug that weighs 602 grains, the load features a lead point with ribs that point to the right to ensure smooth choke passage and a rear that slides into the point after impact.