HHA Sports Optimizer King Pin Bow Sight
Paul Atkins writes, “I was skeptical about putting a one-pin sight on my bow, especially here in Alaska. Those never-ending stalks, at animals that seem to never stop where you need them to, scared me a little. I felt like I just couldn’t take that chance on missing or worse, wounding an animal due to miscalculation. But then I discovered the Optimizer by HHA Sports. The ease of use and accuracy is what turned me onto it and I’m glad I tried it. I’ve been using them exclusively the last couple years and more specifically the Optimizer King Pin sight. If you’re looking for a new innovative sight to up your bowhunting or target game, then this is the one. I highly recommend it!”
Wasp Archery Drone
Atkins shared another ECA based on knowledge from years of bowhunting: “I’ve used a lot of broadheads over the years, but for the last few I have put all my faith in the Wasp Archery Drone. I’ve had great luck on everything from moose to caribou to plains game in Africa, even muskox. With the Drone at the end of an arrow, bowhunters no longer have to compromise. The solid-steel ferrule of this fixed-blade broadhead allows for a reduced surface area delivering unsurpassed results in accuracy, strength and penetration. The brawny ferrule, which when combined with Wasp’s exclusive Stainless Smart Tip (SST) and legendary blades, creates The Ultimate Broadhead. The pressed-on tip, always aligned with the blades, roars through bone and cartilage and creates a straight cutting-path for the blades to follow, leaving devastation in the wake of its 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter. Extremely sharp out of the box, I can say these heads fly like field points and get the job done when you need it, no matter the conditions.”
Bowtech Realm
Paul Atkins shared that after 35 years of bowhunting, and chasing just about every animal imaginable, he finally found a bow that exceeds his needs and satisfies all expectations. The new Realm by Bowtech offers this through smart technology providing unmatched accuracy, control and stability. This bow is for those who are looking for that extra advantage through speed and performance. In addition, the one-of-a-kind Overdrive Binary cam provides 100% control and is easily tuned to each individual shooter. The patented power-shift technology allows archers to customize the draw cycle to fit their needs with a simple flip of a disc. The new Orbit Dampener cuts down all vibration and last, but not least, the new customized grip lets the bowhunter create the feel he or she is looking for.