Alaska Arms LLC. specializes in crafting high-quality and innovative custom firearm accessories tailored for the unique demands of hunting and shooting in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Alaska is known as a land of extremes, from its weather and mountains to its flora and fauna. The folks who have grown accustomed to successfully living and hunting the Far North have become particular about what does and doesn’t work in their neck of the woods. And for good reason. Alaska can dish out lessons in humility faster than many hunters can keep up with. Quality gear and components are of utmost importance when relying on them in uniquely Alaskan situations. Enter Alaska Arms of Big Lake, Alaska.

alaska arms

Alaska Arms QD rings held zero perfectly after being removed and re-attached from the author’s .375 Ruger. © Jordan Voight

Alaska Arms of Big Lake, Alaska.

Morris Melani, owner of Alaska Arms LLC manufactures high-quality parts for Ruger and CZ rifles. He is well-known in the firearms industry as the genuine article. I met Morris in my search for a set of quick-detach (QD) rings for a bear rifle I was assembling several years ago. After a couple of conversations with him, a set of rings showed up for my Ruger M77 Hawkeye chambered in .375 Ruger. Nestled into a silver, tin box, I could sense the pride in Morris’s work reflecting off the rings like the machining oil he uses. After completing the build, I put the rifle through its paces for an upcoming hunt my son and I had on the books.

Maintaining Accuracy and Alignment

I loaded the rifle up with some stiff-recoiling bear loads and zeroed it for a hundred yards. The setup held true after many shots, and I removed the scope easily with the QD rings. I then confirmed zero on the iron sights and remounted the scope in a matter of seconds. The follow-up shot bore out what Morris had told me earlier: The rings held zero perfectly.

Alaska arms

Alaska Arms custom floorplates look great and increase standard magazine capacity by two, and magnum magazine capacity by one. © Jordan Voight

New Drop Box Floor Plate

Having spent an afternoon in the Alaska Arms shop recently, we spoke about Alaska hunting and all things firearm-related. Morris introduced an exciting new product to the market recently. Commonly known as a “drop box” on African dangerous-game rifles, the magazine extension is crafted from a single piece of stainless-steel bar stock. It simply replaces the factory floorplate, allowing an extra two rounds for standard calibers such as the .270 and .280 and one extra for magnum calibers.

Alaska arms

Regarding Alaska Arms custom floor plates, owner Morris Melani said, “Well, you shouldn’t need a fourth round out of a big rifle like this, but if you do, it’s going to be close and you’re going to be damn glad you have it.” © Jordan Voight

Proximity Matters for Preparedness

After the tour of the shop where Morris crafts his parts, we stood over my disassembled rifle. I had to ask, “Morris, what brought this project on?” He closed the floorplate and turned a critical eye to his creation to inspect the fit. It was perfect. “Well, you shouldn’t need a fourth round out of a big rifle like this, but if you do, it’s going to be close and you’re going to be damn glad you have it.” I couldn’t agree more. Morris’s new creation has been cheered by many in the Alaska hunting community already.

Alaska Arms’ rings and floorplate are designed and built in Alaska and are available now. Check out the website at or call Morris directly at (907) 841-8924.

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