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How to care for your trophy in the field in Alaska It has finally happened. The animal you’ve dreamed about taking is lying on the ground. Now what? If you’re not prepared, you could ruin that taxidermy trophy of a lifetime. Whether it’s a 70-inch bull moose, your child’s first black bear, or a King […]

On the last morning of a ten-day bear hunt in Kiliuda Bay on Kodiak Island, my dad and I were feeling fairly spent, as well as dehydrated, sunburnt and a bit dejected about not having gotten close to

It all started innocently enough. Three friends exploring the island for fish and game. Crazy Feet held two black bear tags, while Mac was focused on the Prince of Wales blacktail. Wally was there to

The bugs were awful, and even though my makeshift head net was pulled down tight over my collar, they were still finding their way in. After spending all night in a tree with nothing but a sleeping bag and a couple of pee bottles I was ready to get out. Contemplating all this, I looked […]

  The smallest of North America’s bears (an average male weighs approximately 180 to 200 pounds in the spring), the black bear (Ursus americanus) occurs over most of the forested areas of t

While formerly listed separately by taxonomists, Alaska’s brown and grizzly bears are actually classified as a single species, Ursus arctos. That includes the famously oversized bruins of Kodiak

A Split Second, to Make Right A Story of a Solo Brown Bear Bow Hunt on Admiralty Island by Tim McGee The Cessna descended toward the blue salt as my eyes searched the shoreline below, looking for a bear that was out there somewhere. The floats skipped across the water and the craft slowed then […]

Spring Bear Stroganoff by Tiffany Haugen Years ago our oldest son was excited to cook up “Daddy’s bear.” Although he can be a picky eater, he’s usually willing to try any type of wild game. 

PHOTOS More PhotosSubmit your Photos PHOTOS Moose Sheep Bear All Other Species Scenic Alaska HFC Favorites Kids’ Photos A younger brown bear eating fish on a remote Alaska Peninsula creek. After a long stalk in bad weather Ralph Pennella took this bear on Kupreanof Island. John Williams with a grizzly east of McGrath
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