Editor’s Tracks 6

Hunting for a Compliment 10

Gear Shop 14

Technical Talk 20

After the Shot 24

Wing Shooting 28

Advertiser Index 79

Hunt Alaska Recipe 80

Last Shot 81


Realistic Expectations 58

Hunt Alaska Associate Editor Scott Haugen teaches us what we can really expect from an Alaska hunt and reminds us that preparedness makes for a much better trip.


My Greatest Trophy 36

Paul D. Atkins looks back on his boy’s first real hunt and reminds us about the more important things in life.

Brooks Range Mega ‘Bous 42

Ryan Schmidt spends his time hunting big game in Alaska. Here’s a look at hunting for some record-sized caribou in the far northern reaches of Alaska with Ryan and his pals.

Father & Son Bear Hunt 48

Outdoor writer/photographer Lon Lauber reflects on hunting bear with his son in southeast Alaska.

The Last Sheep Haven 66

Alaskan Larry Hatter works hard to hunt sheep with his father way up north. Sheep hunting is almost never easy.

A Moose for My Mentor 74

Jeff Sullivan makes his first appearance in Hunt Alaska with his story of getting a bull moose for his mentor.