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Wilderness Pack Specialties Bighorn Frame ComboWPS_Bighorn_Pack_2.jpg
The Bighorn Frame Combo is designed to handle everything a hunter will face on multi-day wilderness hunts. The Bighorn combines the Wilderness Pack Specialties’ Handi-pack bag system with their lightweight, rugged Bighorn frame. They combine a super-strong, U.S. Military-tested Xenoy composite frame, which is guaranteed unbreakable and features a load rating of 120-plus pounds, with their belt and harness system. We look forward to putting the frame to the test this fall on a western Alaska moose hunt.

Heather’s Choice Smoked Sockeye Salmon ChowderHeathers_Choice.jpg
MSRP: $15
Heather’s Choice Meals for Adventuring are delicious, high-quality nutrition every outdoor athlete needs. Dehydrated, lightweight, shelf-stable and made with high-quality ingredients, such as wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, these meals are healthy and delicious. Simply add hot water to the bag and twenty minutes later you have a piping hot 600 calorie meal to keep you motoring along the trail, up the mountain or down the river. All Heather’s Choice meals are gluten-, soy- and dairy-free.


Alps OutdoorZ Commander Pack
MSRP: $129.99
The real work begins after you shoot an animal. First there’s the field dressing, and for many, the next step is to carry the meat out on your back. One option is the Alps OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame. It’s equipped with a lashing system to secure meat, has an adjustable shoulder harness and padded waist and shoulder straps, and pockets for accessories like your knife and flashlight, as well as a holder for shooting sticks. The shelf at the bottom of the pack is designed to support heavy loads. The aluminum frame pack weighs a mere 5 pounds, 2 ounces, fits a torso range from 17- to 23 inches and a waist of 26- to 40 inches on the standard and larger waist sizes on the X-large.

Eberlestock Transformer PackSpring15_Eberlestock.jpg
MSRP: $169

This lightweight, versatile pack works great as an all-around, minimalist pack. It provides 2,300 cubic inches of storage with top and front access and weighs just four pounds. It can be piggy-backed onto the Mainframe (MSRP: $149) to create a meat-hauling system. The Transformer sports six side compression straps that can hold quarters, or any other gear that you want to carry, as well as long side pockets big enough to house a spotting scope. It’s available in five color patterns.


Ascender Game Carrier Yukon OutfitterAscenderGameCarrier.jpg
MSRP: $2,095
This motor-powered game carrier is capable of carrying 400-pound loads in soft, marsh- and tundra-like terrain, making it possible for moose, caribou and bear hunters to venture farther in search of game. The unit, which has 13-inch ground clearance, combines a large, high-traction tire and either a Honda or Briggs & Stratton motor. It breaks down (46x21x28) to fit into a plane or boat.

Sitka_Bivy_pack.jpgSitka Gear Bivy 45 Pack
MSRP $399
This 4500-cubic-inch pack allows a sportsman to carry everything needed for an extended trip. Built tough, with plenty of support for heavy loads, we used this system when hunting caribou, moose and blacktail deer. We were especially impressed with the ability to carry the gear needed for a mountaintop campsite, and to then add half a deer, and pack it all down the mountain. The hip belt is comfortable and allows convenient storage for items that need to be readily accessible.

MSRP: $19.95-23.95
Constructed of durable, doubled-up, 1/4-inch heavy duty shock cord, this multifaceted securing system doesn’t stretch or wear like a bungee. The multiple, duo-lock clips make securing the LoopRope easy. We used the LoopRope for securing meat, capes and antlers to packs, horses, and to haul gear on quads, in trucks and boats. It’s a must-have for any outdoorsman.

Cabelas_pack.jpgCabela’s Extreme Alaskan Outfitter Pack Frame
MSRP: $119.99
One of the best pack frames we’ve ever strapped on. This past season we hauled camps, capes, meat and antlers on it and were 100% satisfied with the pack’s performance and affordable price-point. It features an adjustable suspension system with a padded hip belt and shoulder straps, much like you would expect to find on more expensive, hi-tech, internal frame packs. The bottom of the frame extends out with a freighter shelf to help support the load of the pack or to carry a heavy load when the pack is removed. Nylon webbing extends from the base of the frame out to the freighter shelf, preventing anything from slipping out. The heavy-duty frame adjusts from 39- to 43 inches high, weighs in at under six pounds and can carry loads up to 175 pounds.

Tenzing BackpacksTenzing_Pack.jpg
MSRP: $99.99 to $399.99
This new company, launched by respected outdoor brand Plano Manufacturing, has produced a line of hi-tech packs that are feature-rich and technically advanced. One particular feature that we saw firsthand while getting a demo of the line at the SHOT Show in January was the ability to fully adjust the pack to fit any hunter. Another was the yellow zipper pulls and teeth that identify the main compartment. The packs are made of Dyneema, a very tough and light material, allowing Alaskan hunters to carry heavy loads in tough terrain. There are 10 models in the line, the largest being the MTZ 6000, a 4400-cubic-inch pack that expands to 6013 cubic inches and also features a large, expandable mesh meat pocket for the ability to get game bags into the pack without moving any other gear. Among the other models are a women’s fitted pack, daypacks, archer’s pack, camera bag and lumbar packs.

Caribou_Game_bag.jpgCaribou Gear Synthetic Game Bags
MSRP: Small (38×21) – $10.99
Medium (48×28) – $12.99
Large (60×28) – $14.99
These nylon-blend game bags are reusable, don’t shrink and don’t absorb meat odor. They are breathable and lightweight, making them a great choice for remote hunts on foot. The bags come in many different sizes to accommodate any animal in Alaska.

Timberhawk Killshot fall09_timberhawk_thumb.jpg
Offering multiple compression straps and adjustment points for maximum comfort, this new pack from Timberhawk also features several internal zippered pockets and organizing panels for small gear, while retaining the company’s typical standards of performance and durability.

Tenzing Carbon Fiber Pack System TZ CF13 Tenzing_Pack.jpg
MSRP $700
This new pack is incredibly light, strong and versatile, capable of carrying 300-pound loads in a pack weighing less than six pounds. It’s frame is made from 100% carbon fiber and aerospace resin that produces an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. The frame’s form-fitting rigid shape and fully adjustable suspension system are all about wearer comfort and hauling big loads. It has been designed to flex with movement of the hips as you walk, yet to remain extremely rigid, allowing the load to stay secure and tight against the body. Included with the system is a top that comes off and doubles as a fanny pack, a Dyneema shelf at the bottom that also stores a hunter-orange pullout that can also be used as a safety feature when packing horns, two removable hip pockets, wings on each side of the pack that wrap around a 24 x 11.5 x 7-inch bag and six compression straps.

Nunavak Pack Mount Nunavak_Pack_Mount.jpg
MSRP: $34.50
The Nunavak Pack Mount allows both left- and right-handed shooters to properly mount and shoot a rifle or shotgun while wearing a backpack. It provides a flush surface, made from synthetic material (black, gray or camo color options) with a plastic insert, for consistent placement of the butt of the gun within the pocket of the shoulder. The Nunavak Pack Mount also helps to protect the shoulder from the recoil of the gun. The inventor developed the product after years in the field firing a shotgun with his pack on, often mounting it half on and half off the backpack strap, causing errant shots and a bruised shoulder. He also shared that it works well to reduce recoil when mounted on the straps of his waders. The Mount applies for hunting big game when there’s no time to take off the pack and in the event that you have to fire at a charging bear.

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