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Small Game

Story & Photos by Hugh Clark President of Alaska Waterfowl Association in Anchorage. It was September in Alaska and waterfowl season was in full swing, those days that every serious waterfowler anticipates. The cool crisp mornings, the fall colors changing the landscape, and whistling wings above are just a few of the signs that reminds […]

“What’s your favorite way to cook duck?” I asked the old duck hunter who I had gotten to know casually over the years. He said, “Well, I put the duck breasts in a bowl and then I take a bottle

It usually happens around the end of July or during the first week in August. You step out the door early in the morning and suddenly the air smells like hunting season. I cannot account for the change, even admitting it may be my imagination, but plenty of hunters I know smell it, too. It’s […]

Apparently, depending on who you ask, size does matter. However, here at least, exploring this subject will remain in the realm of fish and wildlife rather than venturing towards the birds and the bee

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