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Small Game

By Bjorn Dihle Wolverine have long been mythologized and misportrayed, so much so that when most people think of the species they envision actor Hugh Jackman’s chiseled abs, pulsating pecks and ridiculously tight pants. This is a nasty example of reverse anthropomorphism. When I’ve shown people pictures of real wolverine, many seemed unimpressed. They’re not […]

“What’s your favorite way to cook duck?” I asked the old duck hunter who I had gotten to know casually over the years. He said, “Well, I put the duck breasts in a bowl and then I take a bottle

It usually happens around the end of July or during the first week in August. You step out the door early in the morning and suddenly the air smells like hunting season. I cannot account for the chang

Apparently, depending on who you ask, size does matter. However, here at least, exploring this subject will remain in the realm of fish and wildlife rather than venturing towards the birds and the bees. The subject came up, rather abruptly, one day last September in the ponderosa pine country of Arizona. A respectable 5×5 bull […]
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