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Bow Hunting

Best Bowhunting Equipment for Hunting in Alaska in 2017 Gearhead Archery T20 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow Weighing just 2.9 pounds, testers found this compound bow both light and extremely quiet, built from a carbon fiber pattern that dampens sounds and vibration like no other riser. Capable of speeds up to 335 feet per second, […]

By Paul D. Atkins   As we pushed our way through the waist deep snow the big snowshoe hare just sat there and waited. His “white” camouflage blended perfectly with the snow, but not quite good en

By Joni Kiser The 2015 Archery Trade Show (ATA) took place this year in Indianapolis, IN. Although the show is a huge event, it is actually closed to the public and is primarily an order-writing eve

By Paul D. Atkins My hands were freezing and the thought of drawing back a bow in such cold weather scared me. But the musk ox bull in front of me couldn’t wait, so wrapped in several layers of clothes, I carefully drew the bow back, placing the 20-yard pin right behind his shoulder, all […]

The bugs were awful, and even though my makeshift head net was pulled down tight over my collar, they were still finding their way in. After spending all night in a tree with nothing but a sleeping ba

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