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Story & Photos by Hugh Clark President of Alaska Waterfowl Association in Anchorage. It was September in Alaska and waterfowl season was in full swing, those days that every serious waterfowler anticipates. The cool crisp mornings, the fall colors changing the landscape, and whistling wings above are just a few of the signs that reminds […]

by JR Gates Alaskan hunters cherish the opportunity to carry on their hunting traditions and to put healthy food on the table. Our hunting and harvest opportunities are the main reason many of us choo

Best Bowhunting Equipment for Hunting in Alaska in 2017 Gearhead Archery T20 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow Weighing just 2.9 pounds, testers found this compound bow both light and extremely quiet, built from a carbon fiber pattern that dampens sounds and vibration like no other riser. Capable of speeds up to 335 feet per second, […]

My journey with Xpedition Archery began in 2015. Xpedition bows feature precise, clean lines, and ooze quality. I had first heard about Xpedition from another archer, and I respected his opinion enoug

Known as a pest to some, beetles are frequently found in the dark corners of a home, devouring hair, wool, fur, grains, flour and the like. However, Dermestid beetles also consume the flesh of dead animals, which has made them useful to universities and museums in the preparation of skulls and other bones for display. […]
Cast-and-blast is the generic term for fishing and hunting in the same trip. This blog will highlight several such opportunities across the state. Elfin Cove: Extreme Cast and Blast Salmon shark, or Lamna ditropis, is an apex predator in Alaska waters and a thrill to catch on rod and reel. Elfin Cove Resort offers a cast-and-blast […]

On the last morning of a ten-day bear hunt in Kiliuda Bay on Kodiak Island, my dad and I were feeling fairly spent, as well as dehydrated, sunburnt and a bit dejected about not having gotten close to

Recently I spent several days of trailing behind a string of horses on a Polaris Ranger 6×6 while exploring the Alaska backcountry near Eureka. We were searching for grizzlies and grayling in no

I did not know what I was doing. Having recently moved to Kodiak, Alaska I found myself on the side of a steep unnamed mountain, in soaking wet Carhartts toting a school bag for a hunting pack and a rifle that I hastily fired for the first time the evening before. I could feel my […]

By Steve Meyer The “Haul Road,” otherwise known as the Dalton Highway, is a 400-mile stretch of gravel, broken pavement, frost heaves, potholes and sharp drop-offs without the benefit of guard ra

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