Spyderco Sustain G-10 Black
This all-around camp knife is Alaska worthy! We punished it on several extended camping trips this year and it simply smiled and asked if that’s all we had. From chopping branches to clear a spot to pitch a tent, to processing deer steaks for dinner, to hacking down brush in sections of trail, to cutting ropes and slicing open various food packages, we love this burly cutter. The 6- inch blade, which possesses a saber grind, is made from Crucible CPM 20CV—which, according to Spyderco, is an advanced particle metallurgy stainless steel that contains a high volume of chromium and vanadium and gives the blade a combination of wear- and corrosion resistance with impact toughness. The handle is made from G-10 scales and incorporates a full tang and
blind pins.

Outdoor Edge Duck Duo
The Duck Duo is comprised of two knives: one is gut-hook skinner and the other is a caping knife. They both feature extended jimping (ridges on the top of the blade) to give you a place to put your thumb and increase control of the blade. The set is capable of breaking down a Sitka blacktail deer and also is a good choice for breasting out ducks, like the drake widgeon pictured here. Both knives sport an orange, rubberized duck-head shaped handle that is easy to see, comfortable in the hand and gives you a secure grip. Both knives fit into the sheath that comes with the Duck Duo.

Benchmade 5500 Meatcrafter
Associate Editor Scott Haugen shared his experience, “When it comes to breaking down big game in the field and home butchering, this knife is worth every cent. There’s a clear performance difference with this new edge that offers precise cuts, and the carbides in the steel provide a longer-lasting edge. We skinned, quartered, deboned and butchered four big-game animals with it, and several game birds, and still have not sharpened it!”

TRUE Replaceable Blade Knife
This knife with a replaceable blade system worked well to take apart multiple deer in 2021. For those of you out there that struggle to effectively sharpen your knives in the field, consider this affordable solution. The set comes with two fine-edge blades and a saw blade, as well as a case to store the two extra blades. The blade-locking system is secure, and the liner-lock mechanism that keeps the knife open also works well. The 3.5-inch drop-point blades, as well as the saw blade, are made from 3CR13 stainless steel.

Spyderco Murray Carter Nakiri and Bunka Bocho Knives
We are supremely impressed with Spyderco’s culinary-knife offering. This year we tested the Nakiri and Bunka Bocho models in the Murray Carter Wakiita series and let us tell you, they are awesome. These blades are sharp, light and cut effortlessly. They have made prep work a faster and more precise operation. Blades in the Wakiita series are made from high-carbon, nitrogen-enriched stainless steel. This choice is a fine combination of corrosion resistance, edge retention, and hardness. Edges are thinand straight to maximize cutting performance. Handles are made from solid black G-10, are octagonally shaped and fit very nicely in the hand. Publishers Melissa Norris and Marcus Weiner both tested these blades this year and report that they are now their hands-down first choice in the kitchen.

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