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Cooking | 2017 Editors’ Choice Award

The Best Cooking Gear of 2017 Tested by our Editors for Alaskan Hunters

Bradley Smoke Generator with AdaptorBradley-Smoke-Generator-with-Adaptor.jpg
The Bradley Smoke Generator with Adaptor allows you to incorporate the consistency of the Bradley smoking system into your own homemade smoker. The Smoke Generator is exactly what is used to provide heat and smoke to the Bradley Original Smoker. We built a wooden smoker and attached the Smoke Generator to it and it worked very well. Additionally, we were able to easily attach the Bradley Cold Smoke Adaptor to it, creating a smoker that could either cold- or hot-smoke food. Make your own jerky, smoke sausage or add flavor to wild game roasts, chops and steaks.

FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum SealerFoodsaver-GamesaverBig-Game.jpg
We packed about 100 pounds of fish and 50 pounds of game with the sealer this year. The sealer performed flawlessly, didn’t overheat and continued to make good seals after constant use for four hours at a time. To extend the longevity of your vacuum-packed items, consider wrapping them first in plastic wrap and then sealing.

Smokehouse Products Wood ChipsSmokehouse_Chips.jpg
Smokehouse wood chips are thoroughly dried, absent of tree bark and are consistent in size so that you get an even burn in the smoker. They are available in 1.75-pound bags in alder, apple, cherry, mesquite and hickory. We’ve used these wood chips for 20 years and they impart a good flavor to the fish and game we smoke.

Weston Jerky Board Knife SetWeston-Jerky-Board-Knife-Set-IMG_1145.jpg 
Our tester was pleasantly surprised how well the Jerky Board and Knife set worked. He commented that he liked the razor-sharp knife and appreciated the jerky board insert to hold the meat so you cannot cut yourself accidentally.

Summit Spice & Tea Company Texas Dry RubSummit-Spice-&-Tea-Co-Texas-Dry-Rub.jpg
We found this to be tasty on moose and deer, as well as pork and chicken. It’s a combination of brown sugar, chilies and spices with brown mustard seed, kosher salt, anise seed, cumin and dill seed.

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