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Boats and Rafts

Pristine Ventures KorkDSC00268.jpg
The Kork is an 11-foot packable raft that weighs under 40 pounds, though it is capable of carrying more than 1,000 pounds of man, gear and animal. Pristine Ventures designed this boat to be powered with oars, kayak paddle or a small outboard, making it versatile enough for all of your wilderness adventure needs. The rugged design takes the successful features of the PR-49 packraft and raises the performance as a load-hauler to the next level by adding a 2.5-inch rigid inflatable floor, wider chafe-guard coverage on the bottom surface and oversized tubes with larger tapered bow- and stern design for supporting heavy loads.

Pristine Ventures LegendPristine_Ventures.jpg
MSRP: Basic Package – $1,800; Rowing Package – $2,350
The Legend is a hybrid canoe / kayak with a 1,250-pound capacity, designed to carry a hunter, his gear and an entire bull moose down a river that is 7 inches deep or more, or two people and plenty of gear for an excellent time on a remote float-fishing adventure. The boat is made from 30-ounce PVC, is 13 feet long, 46 inches wide, with five air chambers, six handles and it weighs 56 pounds, which includes the removable floor (making it possible to meet the 50-pound weight restriction on commercial flights). The boat can be rowed with a 240-centimeter kayak paddle or with oars and comes equipped with an air pump, repair kit and three seat slings.

SeaArk Tunnel HullsSeaArk.jpg
MSRP: See local SeaArk dealer
SeaArk has perfected their Outboard Tunnel and Jet Tunnel Hulls from years of servicing the tough conditions of Alaska and listening to the needs of their customers. The Outboard Tunnel Hull is 5½ inches deep, thus raising the bottom of the engine skeg for shallow-water access. The Jet Tunnel Hull allows a jet outboard to be mounted so that the jet intake is 2½ inches higher than the bottom of the boat for extreme shallow-water access. This combined with the superior construction of a SeaArk boat makes it a perfect fit for Alaska.

Titan Tiller Steering
MSRP: $1,500
This patented, hydraulically-controlled anti-feedback steering system is designed for Mercury Big Tiller handles—a Mercury Big Titan Tiller consists of an integral valve body, hoses, a hydraulic cylinder and the Mercury Big Tiller handle. By using proven hydraulic controls not available on other tiller handles, the system allows you to trim your engine for maximum performance and gas mileage without the normal arm fatigue associated with tiller-steered boats.

SeaArk PredatorSpring15_SeaArk.jpg
MSRP: See your local SeaArk dealer

Alaska’s terrain is among the toughest on the planet, and SeaArk’s Predator Series was designed with this fact in mind. Constructed from .125-gauge aluminumand a 3/16-inch heavy-duty center keel, this boat can take a beating. Equipped with a Mercury SportJet engine and tunnel hull, the Predator allows you to access very skinny water, which opens up a lot more hunting and fishing possibilities in the Great Land. Predators are offered in the AK version with optional walk-through windshield, the FS version with a live well in front of the center- or side console, and the Hybrid, which allows the walk-through windshield of the AK and the back half of the FS. You can also add many different options to customize the boat the way you want it.

Pristine Ventures PR-49Spring15_PR49.jpg
MSRP: $1550

The PR-49 Packraft Alaskana is an extremely versatile packable raft for Alaska adventurers. It weighs a mere 15 pounds and packs into most backpacks for easy transport to the field. The PR-49 comes complete with a 4-piece kayak paddle, air pump, repair kit, a seat and a cargo sling. Ideal for remote fishing, big-game hunting or other serious river adventures, it offers an impressive 850-pound max-load capacity.

SeaArk Boats 2060MV SeaArk_Boats__2060MV.jpg
MSRP: $4,889
SeaArk Boats has been building a high-quality, tough, durable jon boat for years. The 2060MV Super Jon is
constructed of .100-gauge marine-grade aluminum. It is all-welded with reinforced fasteners on decks and seats where
areas of stress occur, and it uses oversized ribs, keels and caprails. Standard features includes: 3-degree hull, floored area for battery and fuel tank, and a bow deck. SeaArk Super Jons are available in bone, OD green, sharkskin or tan paint schemes. Customization options include fuel systems, consoles, cabins, ATV ramps, storage boxes, Gator-Hide interior, camo paint, flotation pods, ice runners and livewells.

fall09phantom_thumb.jpgPhantom Jet Boats Switchback
The newest offering from Phantom Jet Boats, the Switchback is all about versatility—this new design is simply a Sport Jon, but with a new console that offers the best of both center and full versions. The idea is that hunters can set up for one (say, center console for running a river on step) and then if they need to changeover, perhaps due to weather rolling in, they can simply Switchback.

SeaArk Predator SeaArk_Predator.jpg
MSRP: starting at $29,995
The Predator was designed for extreme shallow-water applications and is built tough, with the shallow, rocky rivers of Alaska in mind. The tunnel hull design, equipped with a Mercury Sport Jet, allows for great performance in just inches of water. The boat’s heavy-duty construction, such as an extruded oversized cap rail, extruded 3/16-inch center keel, oversized ribs and a .125-gauge hull makes the Predator the toughest sportjet boat on the market. Ideal for hauling gear and supplies for both fishing and hunting anywhere shallow water in an issue. SeaArk’s Predator offers 20- and 22-foot options and a variety of interior layouts.

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