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Sightmark Wolverine LQDSightmark.jpg
The new Wolverine LQD is the much-anticipated locking, quick-detach addition to the Wolverine family, already known for their durability and longer-than-yourslifespan. With up to one million hours of battery life, Wolverines are ideal for hunting and tactical training and perform well in tough conditions. With the new locking quick-detach functionality, the Wolverine LQD ranks high in user-friendly consumer red dots.

Vortex Optics Fury HD Laser Rangefinding BinocularVortex.jpg
High-quality optics and long-distance ranging capability come together in Vortex’s all-new Fury HD 10×42 Rangefinding binocular. The Fury HD provides convenience, speed, efficiency and valuable dual-purpose functionally. Capable of ranging reflective targets to 1,600 yards with an ultra-fast readout, hunters and shooters can quickly get distance data needed to effectively execute shots. Calling out ranges for your hunting or shooting partner while reliably watching for impacts is easy with the Fury HD.  Illuminated right-barrel display can be set to yards or meters. It features angle-compensated and line-of-sight modes to match user preference and application. Scan mode gives readings as you pan or track a moving animal. Dialectic fully multicoated prisms and XR fully multicoated HD lenses serve up impressive views. Rubber armored housing provides durability and a solid grip in all weather conditions. The multi-position twist-up eyecups are comfortable. Smooth center-focus wheel and left eye diopter ensure optimal image focus. And like all Vortex optics, the Fury HD is covered with a lifetime, no-fault, transferable, VIP warranty.

Vortex Optics Razor HD LH RiflescopesVortex.jpg
Top-tier glass and precision machining in an ultra-sleek, lightweight package define the Razor HD LH. High Density (HD) extra-low dispersion glass, an APO apochromatic lens system, XR Plus premium fully multi-coated lenses and ArmorTek on exterior lenses deliver stunning image quality. Tack-sharp resolution from edge to edge, coupled with its ultra-forgiving eyebox, serves up an impressive sight picture. The new HSR-4 BDC and G4-BDC reticles are super clean, yet highly versatile, for optimal target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy. The body of the scope features a one-inch tube diameter and is machined from a single solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the riflescope for reliable performance. Argon gas purging prevents internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures. Scopes are available in 1.5-8×32, 2-10×40 and 3-15×42.

Sightmark Core HX 3-9×40 VHR Venison Hunter RiflescopeSightmark_1000.png
The Sightmark Core HX 3-9×40 VHR Venison Hunter Riflescope has been crafted to offer versatility in the field. With a 3-9 magnification and a 40mm objective lens, this reliable optic is well-suited for a broad range of species and shot scenarios in Alaska and allows hunters to confidently prepare for the season ahead by providing a range-finding BDC reticle that works with a variety of calibers. The 3-9×40 VHR is constructed from a single piece of durableaircraft-grade aluminum to withstand the most punishing conditions and is shockproof, fogproof and waterproof.

Vortex Optics Diamondback BinocularsScreen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_2.06.14_PM.png
Vortex optics completely redesigned their Diamondback binocular series for 2016. Functionally, as well as aesthetically, these binos boast a short hinge and an upscale, sleek new look. An all-new optical system with enhanced, dielectric fully multi-coated lenses serves up stunning views and impressive low-light performance. The binos are engineered for superior ergonomics, comfort, solid purchase and durability. Eight models are available: 12×50, 10×50, 10×42, 8×42, 10×32, 8×32, 10×28 and 8×28.

Leupold BX-1 Rogue 10x50mm Binoculars
MSRP: $199.99
These rugged and waterproof binos by Leupold are a good product at a mid-level price.  Maximum brightness for clarity and contrast is valuable when looking over Alaska’s terrain, and these also feature Leupold’s Porro prism design to ensure excellent depth perception and 3D image representation.

Vortex Razor HD Binoculars
MSRP: 8×42 – $1,279; 10×42 – $1,299; 10×50 – $1,489;
12×50 – $1,499
Vortex’s Razor HD Binoculars offer the ultimate combination of advanced optical technologies and premium components in a lightweight, ergonomic package. Premium, hand-selected HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass delivers the ultimate in resolution and color fidelity, resulting in astonishingly sharp high-definition images. Lenses fully multicoated with Vortex’s proprietary XR antireflective coatings guarantee maximum brightness and glassing confidence during critical low-light periods of dawn and dusk. Exterior lenses feature Armor Tek, an ultra-hard optical coating engineered to protect against scratches, oil and dirt. The True Open Hinge design, coupled with its magnesium chassis, makes the Razor lightweight, ultra-tough and optimally ergonomic. Durable rubber armoring protects the housing and ensures a nonslip grip—no matter the weather conditions. Comfortable twist-up eyecups with positive settings offer a range of eye relief options.

Nightforce SHV 5-20×56 Riflescope Spring15_NightforceSHV5_20x56_Illum_Side.jpg
MSRP: $1,195 illuminated reticle; $995 non-illuminated
In 2014 we tested the SHV 4-14×56 riflescope and loved it. The SHV 5-20×56 gives hunters an even greater range and delivers it with Nightforce quality at a reasonable price. ZeroSet is incorporated into the scope, which allows you to return to your chosen zero even after multiple elevation adjustments. You set zero and it creates a mechanical stopping point that you can return to by feel, eliminating the need for a visual reference and resulting in a more user-friendly, effective scope. It’s available in two reticle options and either an illuminated or non-illuminated reticle. The ShooterHunterVarmiter (SHV) series of scopes from Nightforce is putting high-end performance in hunters’ hands.

Leupold BX-3 Mojave Binoculars
MSRP: $479.99 to $564.99Spring15_LeupoldBX3Mojave.jpg

The BX-3 Mojave series is lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use. Cold mirror coatedprisms combined with a fully multi-coated lens system gives users excellent clarity in all light conditions. The binoculars are tough, weatherproof and well-suited for Alaska. Models include: 8x42mm, 10x42mm, 10x50mm and 12x50mm, and all are covered by Leupold’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Leupold VX-2 3-9X40 Scope
MSRP: $374.99 to $437.49
From tactile power indicators to finger-adjustable click windage and elevation dials, this waterproof line of scopes offers rugged performance and a full lifetime guarantee. Hunters have many options to choose from depending on reticle configuration and scope finish.

LeupoldRCK.jpgLeupold RCX Trail Camera System
MSRP $229-279
This trail camera system offers more customized features than any we’ve used. There are multiple options for file type/size, picture quality, sensitivity, time lapse, temperature, barometer readings (RCX-2), multi-picture mode, event delay, operation hours, video quality/length, separate day/night settings, camera name, and sensor angle (10 or 45 degrees or DST for both with the RCX-2). There is also a custom picture stamp with date, time, temperature, and moon. We ran three cameras and read each on-the-spot.

Crooked Horn RF Hook Up Crookedhorn.jpg
MSRP: $39.99-49.99
One of the biggest challenges faced by hunters is where to keep a rangefinder that offers easy access and stays in a position so it won’t get caught on brush or other gear. Crooked Horn has incorporated into their most popular invention, the Bino System, what’s called the RF Hook Up. This holster and strap allow you to easily attach a rangefinder to it, The RF holster secures both rangefinder and binoculars and keeps them from bouncing around. The streamline design keeps optics steady, secure and readily available to react instinctively.

Nikon_rangefinder.jpgNikon PROSTAFF 5 Laser Rangefinder 6×21
MSRP: $360.95
The PROSTAFF 5 Laser Rangefinder 6×21 is Nikon’s next-generation rangefinder built for locating and distancing objects and animals with precision. It’s able to range objects within an impressive .1 yard—and its unique display option allows you to select the mode that contrasts best against your subject and background. The 6x multicoated optical system has a huge ocular lens, long eye relief and optimized viewfinder. It’s waterproof and fogproof, which are two optics essentials for the Alaskan hunter.

Trijicon 1x Scope fall09_trijicon_thumb.jpg
If chasing bears in thick brush is your game, this new scope is for you.  Trijicon has developed a true 1x scope made specifically for dangerous game and close-encounters. The AccuPoint 1-4×24 features a 30mm tube, battery-free reticle illumination, quality glass and a rugged aircraft-quality aluminum housing.  Quick target acquisition is what this scope is designed for.

fall09_nikonbdc_thumb.jpgNikon BDC Reticle Technology
Allowing accurate shot placement at longer ranges, Nikon’s new patented bullet-drop compensating reticle takes the guesswork out of holdover at longer ranges by integrating easy-to-see “ballistic circles” for instant aiming points. This trajectory-compensating reticle is calibrated for trajectories common to centerfire standard and magnum hunting rounds. To learn more, or see a video on how the BDC Reticle works, visit Several riflescope feature the new BDC Technology including the Prostaff and Monarchs.

Bushnell Trophy Riflescope 3-9×40fall09_bushnell_thumb.jpgmm 
With multi-coated optics for increased brightness in low-light conditions—as well as Bushnell’s Amber-Bright  high-contrast optic technology, useful for fall deer hunts on Kodiak or Prince of Wales—the Trophy riflescopes are sure to satisfy even the most discerning shooters. All Trophy models also feature 100% waterproof / fogproof / shockproof protection.

fall09_nightforce_thumb.jpgNightforce 5.5-22×50
If you are the type of hunter who shoots a high-caliber rifle at long distances, this may be the scope for you. Superb resolution over a broad range of magnification, four inches of eye relief and 100 MOA of elevation travel combine to make this scope the real deal for the hunter taking the long shots. Nightforce makes a super-tough product and this will aid in the scope’s durability in Alaska’s harsh climates.

Leupold VX-3 Riflescopefall09_leupold_thumb.jpg
Whether stationed in a treestand for black bears or stalking caribou across the tundra in western Alaska, the Leupold VX-3 riflescope is built for you. This new model features the company’s Xtended Twilight Lens System, DiamondCoat 2 lens coating, second-generation waterproofing and cryogenically treated adjustments.

Bushnell.jpgBushnell Elite 1600 ARC Laser Rangefinder
MSRP: $850.95
All hunters need a quality rangefinder and here is one to consider. Core features include ranging capabilities from 5- to 1,600 yards, ARC (Angle Range Compensation) from -90 to +90 degrees and bow mode, which gives an archer line-of-sight, angle- and true horizontal distance from 10- to 99 yards. The unit offers 7x magnification, a 26 mm lens and VDT (Vivid Display Technology) to enhance the display readout in all conditions. It provides a field-of-view of 340 feet at 1,000 yards, and this 12.1-ounce device also offers automatic scan, bullseye and brush mode. In rifle mode, a hunter can choose VSI (Variable Sight In), which allows sight-in distances of 100-, 150-, 200- and 300 yards. The rangefinder is also 100% waterproof.

Nikon PROSTAFF 3 Fieldscope OutfitNikon.jpg
MSRP: $329.95
The PROSTAFF 3 Fieldscope Outfit, with specifications of 16-48×60, combines quality optics in a compact, rugged package. Waterproof, fog-proof construction, fully multicoated optics and an integral 16-48x zoom eyepiece promise versatility and performance. The Fieldscope provides high contrast in low-light conditions, important for Alaska-bound hunters. Packaged as an outfit, with compact tripod and carry case, the PROSTAFF 3 Fieldscope is a complete setup ready for the field. It is rubber-armored for impact-resistance and for providing a good grip in wet conditions, which should come in handy in demanding field conditions.

Nightforce.jpgNightForce Optics B.E.A.S.T 5-25×56 F1 riflescope
MSRP: $3,400
The B.E.A.S.T. (an acronym for Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology) is sure to make those long shots more possible for hunters in Alaska and across the world. At the center of the design is the iF4 intelligent four-function elevation control that allows hunters to quickly and accurately sight-in on animals. The patented Nightforce ZeroStop system allows an instant return to the established zero-point. A new 360-degree brake control allows instant securing of elevation adjustments. True-to-eye light transmission exceeds 90 percent, with resolution and image clarity at unprecedented levels. The B.E.A.S.T. includes Nightforce DigIllum digital illuminated reticle technology, which has established new standards of convenience and repeatability. The shooter chooses the appropriate illumination setting for lighting conditions, from very dim to extremely bright, and can then turn off illumination to preserve battery power. When illumination is turned back on, it defaults to the shooter’s chosen setting. Even with its extensive capability, this scope measures just 15.37 inches in length, making it hunter-friendly.

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 Fieldscope 20-60×82Nikon.jpg
MSRP: $850.95
This new straight body spotting scope has been designed for the hunter who wants to look at animals over a long distance and with a wide field of view. It is engineered for precision and high magnification capability, good features when you are trying to count brow tines on a bull moose from across the valley. Multicoated optical glass produces brighter, higher resolution images.

Redfield_Revolution_3-9x40.jpgRedfield Revolution Riflescope 3-9×40
MSRP: $249.99 to $264.99
A great price for a good riflescope, the Redfield Revolution in the 3-9×40 offers a combination of low and high power to cover a variety of terrain. If you hunt in a multitude of situations, this is a scope for you. And with a full lifetime warranty at that price, it’s hard to imagine not being completely satisfied.

Nikon Prostaff 7 Binocular fall11_nikon_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $189.95-$209.95 
We all want gear that stands up to time and the elements. The new full-size ProStaff 7 does both.  It features the high-quality optical performance we’ve come to expect from Nikon with features like an ergonomic design, rubber eye-cups and 15mm long eye-relief. Using these binoculars might be the most comfortable part of your expedition.

fall11_nightforce_thumb.jpgNightforce Optics 2.5-10×32 NXS Compact
MSRP: $1,345
Nightforce bucks the trend toward larger, bulkier riflescopes with the 2.5-10 x 32 NXS. This trim little number is only 12 inches in length and it packs all the performance you’d expect from a heavier scope into its compact body.  Plus, the 2.5-10 x 32 NXS is available with Nightforce Velocity™ reticles, so you’ll never have to guess again at holdover, drop charts or calculations.

Swarovski ELs spring11_swarovski_thumb.jpg
Starting at $2,887.78
It’s no secret that the more money you invest in optics, the higher quality they will be. This is true for the new EL 42 binoculars by Swarovski. Never before has there been an image focus that achieves what these binos can do. The specialized lenses yield a virtually flat, clear image across the entire eyepiece, making for the clearest binocular from edge-to-edge that we’ve ever looked through. The unique coating on the eyepiece and objective lens allows for quick, easy cleaning with no spotting. If you want binoculars with less refocusing, ones that allow you to detect fine details on the periphery, then look through a pair of EL 42s. Their clear imagery and comfortable, ergonomic design make them hard to put down.

spring11_bushnell_thumb.jpgBushnell Elite 3200 Riflescope 3-9X40
Starting at $296.95
Featuring multi-coated optics, magnum recoil-proof construction, and a rugged, one-piece aluminum tube, as well as being tested to rigorous standards, the Elite 3200 Series riflescopes from Bushnell are just what the shooting doctor ordered. Additionally, for those who know all about Alaska’s often wet hunting conditions, the series offers Bushnell’s patented RainGuard HD lens coating, which reduces large drops of water to near microscopic specks, dramatically increasing light transmissions, even in the wettest weather.

Trijicon TrigiDot Shotgun Sight fall11_trijicon_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $85
Trijicon is now offering a fiber-optic sight that mounts on the front of ventilated rib shotguns in a variety of brands. The fiber optic collects ambient light to provide a bright aiming point in most lighting conditions. A rugged lens focuses light from the fiber optic, which is housed in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum housing that’s guaranteed for life. A notched mount will fit over existing bead sights, and the TrijiDot unit is firmly held in place with rare-earth magnets and set screws.

Bushnell 8 MP Trophy Cam HD Max Brown Night Vision Hybrid Bushnell_8_MP_Trophy_Cam.jpg
MSRP: $356.95
This game camera allows hunters to take photos and video and utilizes 32 no-glow black LEDs that provide a 45-foot range, are invisible to game and work well at night. The 8-megapixel camera produces high-quality photos and also shoots 1280 x 770 pixel HD video. It uses a 32 GB SD card, which allows the hunter to collect plenty of images and video before downloading the card. We are impressed with the camera’s functionality and ease of use.

Nightforce 4-14 x 56 SHV riflescope Nightforce_SHV_Riflescope.jpg
MSRP: $1195 (illuminated reticle), $995 (without illumination)
With the introduction of this new scope, Nightforce accomplished their goal of putting high-end performance in reach for more hunters and shooters. The ShooterHunterVarminter (SHV) is a versatile riflescope with extended-range capability, a magnification range ideal for most environments, and outstanding precision to varmint and predator hunters. Users will appreciate the exceptional light transmission provided by its 56mm objective lens. Available in two reticle options and in both an illuminated an non-illuminated reticle version.

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