Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400
Our tester raved that these boots kept his feet dry and warm, while the boots provided outstanding traction in wet and slippery conditions. The stiff nylon insoles and K-Talon outsoles provide unparalleled stability for hikers carrying heavy loads. 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation and waterproof, breathable Windtex membrane helped keep our tester’s feet warm while sitting and spotting game. These are really superb boots.
Kryptek Takur Jacket and Pants
We tested several garments in the Altitude series in 2017 and were completely impressed. We wore the Takur Jacket and Pants on a wet moose hunt last fall. Both performed amazingly well to keep our tester dry and warm. Activities ranged from rigorous hiking to sitting still while calling and the garments functioned incredibly across the range of activities. They are made from Schoeller fabrics, a European company that makes high-performance technical fabrics used in the mountaineering community. Jacket and pants are waterproof, windproof, breathable, comfortable to wear, regulate temperature, are abrasion resistant, quiet and full of features. They showcase the Altitude pattern which is made for extreme conditions in the alpine and are printed in Austria using a “WetPrint” technology which enhances light absorption by the fabric and gives it a matte appearance. This set is our new favorite top layer.
Filson Women’s Quilted Mile Marker Vest
Our tester commented that this high-quality vest is versatile. She appreciates the extra warmth because she commonly feels the need to layer up and the vest offered a thicker and more windproof option. The mobility of the design is important to us and the classy look is an added bonus.
Kryptek Altitude Accessories Takur Gaiter, Tora Beanie and Tora Gloves
These three accessories compliment the Takur Jacket and Pants and helped keep our tester warm and stealthy while pursuing game in 2017. The Takur gaiters are top-of-the-line and made it possible for our tester to keep his feet dry while wearing LOWA leather boots while hunting in wet and muddy conditions in western Alaska. The Tora Beanie and Gloves are both comfortable and functional and complete the set. The beanie is merino wool lined and the gloves are breathable and allow hunters to shoot and remain dexterous while wearing them.
Oakiwear Children’s Neoprene Waders
Our mini-me field testers love their camo neoprene waders and we do as well to keep them dry and warm all day long. They include a full rubber boot and come in sizes for toddlers through children so you can bring your favorite people along with you on your hunting trips.
Darn Tough Mountaineering Over-The-Calf Extra Cushion Emerald Med
We aren’t entirely sure why but Darn Tough socks generally just feel darn good. The fit on this particular model is stellar, they wick-away moisture and have extra cushion for maximum comfort on long days in the field.
Kenetrek Hiking Gaiter
These gaiters are high-quality and are valuable for overlapping raingear and the top portion of hiking boots. This is an awesome product for keeping excessive snow, water, dirt and other impediments from getting into your boots, and are made with the usual Kenetrek quality and attention to detail.
Grundéns Nightwatch 2.0 Insulated Puffy Jacket
We like that this jacket is lightweight, warm and comfortable. A cool feature is the internal pocket that doubles as self-storage for the jacket when you need to pack it on a trip. Our tester wore this under his waterproof camouflage during every hunt in 2017 and it also doubled as a top layer in camp when it wasn’t raining. In a pinch, we’ve used it as a pillow.
Eddie Bauer Women’s Daybreak IR Full Zip Jacket
Our female tester likes this jacket as a layering piece out on the four wheeler and in camp. She also finds it useful as an outer layer on a warmer, dry day and it is cut roomy enough to wear a layer or two underneath. FreeHeat IR technology is printed on the interior of this fleece field jacket to reflect body heat back towards the skin.
The Original Muck Boot Company Arctic Hunter Mid Girls With Guns Winter Hunting Boot
Our tester appreciated the look and quality design of these boots. They have a handy loop for pulling boots on; they are easy to put on and take off. They are surprisingly warm in harsh environments, yet not sweaty when it’s warmer out because they breathe well.
Arctic Shield Classic Elite Parka and Bib
Testers stayed dry and warm both hiking and sitting in this parka and bib combo. The hood works well to keep water off the head and face. And in really nasty conditions, the high collar with chin guard and a chin cover with hook and loop closure, come quite in handy. Both bib and parka have lots of pockets for storing necessary items.
Lowa Tibet GTX
We tested these boots on a moose hunt in 2017 and they are fantastic. They are completely waterproof, comfortable, offer extreme ankle support and allowed our tester to carry heavy loads of moose. He wore them 10 straight days and packed out two moose while wearing them. If you are a backpacker or hunter looking for your next set of boots, give these a try.
Browning Hell’s Canyon Proximity Jacket and Pant
Our tester liked this lightweight, technical set. They both work well in a layering system and as a top layer when it is dry. Our tester commented that he liked the look and feel of the set, as well as the ability to be quiet in the woods while wearing them and to stay comfortable all day long. There are ample pockets in both the jacket and pant and they feature Browning’s ADDVANCED SCENT CONTROL technology.