2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve heard tales that the holiday gift-buying season can be a source of stress for some, and wanting to investigate the phenomenon, we’ve conducted a fairly rigorous scientific investigation into the possible causes—meaning we asked around the office staff and then rendered a conclusive verdict: It’s a big hoax.

However, just because it’s easy, and we’re pretty sure we’ve proven the fact by now, that doesn’t mean some don’t do it better than others—which hardly seems fair. So, in order to level the playing field a little, we’ve prepared a list of those necessary and downright handy items that grace our own wish lists every year. Take a look at the products here and we’re sure you’ll find something to give your favorite friends and family members this holiday season, no matter whether they hunt a handful or a hundred days a year. 

Knife Lover’s Gift BasketKnifegifts.jpg
We’ve tested many brands and styles of knives over the years and have come to realize that there’s a knife for just about every application one can think of; there is also a plethora of brands out there. And like rifles, people have an opinion on which ones are best. We love Spyderco knives and use Lansky Sharpeners and Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners.

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot and Glove Dryer1MAXXDry.jpg
Our favorite boots and gloves always end up wet. When the wet and snowy weather gets unpredictable we turn to our MaxxDry Heavy-Duty boot and glove dryer. The Heavy-Duty uses forced air to dry gloves and boots of all sizes in about an hour using mild heat or no heat. Best of all, it’s safe for use with all kinds of liners and fabrics such as leather, Hypalon®, and many others.

Foul Weather Gift Box
The only thing predictable about the climate in Alaska is that rainy, windy, snowy weather will eventually arrive. And when that happens, good foul-weather gear is critical. We recommend Gamehide, StormR and Kryptek camo and outerwear. All make quality products that will keep you dry and warm when the weather gets snotty.  Throw in a pair of Kenetrek Boots, a hat or gator from Oomingmak, and your hunter is all set.

Alaska HydrographicsSpring15_AlaskaHydro.jpg
Water transfer printing is probably the coolest way to customize your firearms and hunting accessories out there. According to Alaska Hydrographics, “if it can be submersed in water, it can be treated.” The possibilities are endless, take a look at their website for examples of firearms, antlers, ATV bodies, and much more. 

J-wheelz are a useful attachment for ATVs, UTVs and 6×6 vehicles. Using a simple bolt-on attachment method, J-wheelz add traction and flotation with little hassle and at a very reasonable cost. J-wheelz will help your vehicle travel more easily through mud and snow. In Alaska, this means you can really extend the period in which you can use your ATV, UTV or 6×6.  

Diamond D Custom Leather Guides Choice Chest HolsterDiamondDLeather.jpg
At Hunt Alaska, this holster is our absolute favorite. That’s why we give one away with every new Hunt Alaska magazine Lifetime Subscription. The Guides Choice™ leather chest holster keeps your handgun accessible without interfering with your clothing or gear. Click here for more information.

Binos, Optics, and Cameras
When it comes to hunting, optics are always important. Optics-related products are important to all hunters when scouting game trails, distancing animals or objects with precision, or sighting-in on an animal in the distance. We recommend Bushnell, Leupold, and Nightforce for all of your optics needs, including trail cameras, rangefinders, binoculars, and scopes.

Cabin PropertyCabinProperty.jpg
Do you dream of having a remote property that could be your base of operations to fish and hunt away from the road-system crowds? A piece of remote property can provide solitude, increase your potential to access more fish and game, and become a project that gives the whole family satisfaction. Call our friends Bernie and Barbara Vockner of Remote Properties at 907-277-4608. Once you acquire the property, then it’s time to build a cabin and to experience the frontier lifestyle that is uniquely Alaskan. And of course you will need a boat to access the property or an ATV to travel to your fortress of solitude. We recommend Sea Ark and Hewescraft boats, as well as Polaris ATVs

It seems like a no-brainer to those who hunt with firearms, but when it comes to ammunition, there is so much to choose from. When we are in the market for quality ammunition, we trust Winchester Ammunition, Black Hills Ammunition, and Federal Premium Ammunition. All of these companies produce quality products that we use when waterfowling or upland bird hunting around the state, or hunting for any of Alaska’s big game species. 

Gift Certificate
Sportsman’s Warehouse is our go-to outfitter for all of our hunting needs. If you’re unsure what to give this year, give your Alaska outdoorsman a gift certificate to Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Fish Alaska / Hunt Alaska Subscription
This holiday season, buy four one-year Fish Alaska subscriptions for $80 (save $40), and add four one-year Hunt Alaska subscriptions for only $30 more (save $10), a $180 value, all for $110. Call 1-877-220-0787 for details.