Small Game

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Opening day dawned with non-threatening clouds drifting across the distant peeks of our destination. The sun hidden behind the mountain slopes cast a pale light, presenting the emerald valleys and shale slopes in dark magnificence. An hour into the climb Winchester, our black and white English setter, disappeared over a distant ridgeline high above us. His vanishing act was shortly followed by the vibration of the control on his Garmin GPS collar, alerting that he was on point. [Read Full Post....]
Wolverine have long been mythologized and misportrayed, so much so that when most people think of the species they envision actor Hugh Jackman's chiseled abs, pulsating pecks and ridiculously tight pants. This is a nasty example of reverse anthropomorphism. When I've shown people pictures of real wolverine, many seemed unimpressed. They're not very big, or that ferocious, or ridiculously good looking but the back story of any wild wolverine is about as epic as it gets. [Read Full Post....]
“What’s your favorite way to cook duck?” I asked the old duck hunter who I had gotten to know casually over the years. He said, “Well, I put the duck breasts in a bowl and then I take a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon and pour enough to cover them and let them sit for a spell.” Being one of those old codgers that the story must be dragged out of, I pried, “And then?” He wasn’t able to control the grin that started to spread across his face as he said, “Then I pick the duck breasts out, throw them in the trash and drink the bourbon.” [Read Full Post....]