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I could see the bull long before I got to him; he wasn’t a monster, but he was legal and respectable nonetheless. It was also the last day of our seven-day hunt and probably the last chance I would have at taking bull during the season. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry, but getting to a spot where I could get a shot would be the tricky part. Alaska moose are very big animals and if you haven’t been up close to one then you have no idea what I’m talking about. Big bulls can weigh close to 1,800 pounds and stand seven feet at the shoulder. With all that height also comes the shear mass; big bodied and a skeletal structure that is built like a tank. I’ll be the first to say that moose hunting isn’t the most difficult hunt in the world. Here in Alaska it sometimes seems like they’re standing on every corner or behind every willow, and if you think I’m kidding just go to downtown Anchorage sometime. Even here in rural Alaska they aren’t that hard to find, but finding the right one, the glorified 60-inch-plus bull may prove a little more difficult. [Read Full Post....]
By Paul D. Atkins, As we pushed our way through the waist deep snow the big snowshoe hare just sat there and waited. His “white” camouflage blended perfectly with the snow, but not quite good enough to keep me, and my 8-year old son, Eli from pushing forward. With each step I figured he would bolt, but he didn’t so we decided to keep moving towards him. I slowly raised the BowTech bow and settled the pin. [Read Full Post....]
by Joni Marie Kiser The 2015 Archery Trade Show (ATA) took place this year in Indianapolis, IN. Although the show is a huge event, it is actually closed to the public and is primarily an order-writing event for dealers. The show is attended by folks from various areas of the archery industry, including manufacturers, archery retailers, distributors and media. [Read Full Post....]