Big Game

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On the last morning of a ten-day bear hunt in Kiliuda Bay on Kodiak Island, my dad and I were feeling fairly spent, as well as dehydrated, sunburnt and a bit dejected about not having gotten close to a big bear. We had started the hunt nine days earlier seeing bears up high but that hadn’t proven true for the last few days. We were tired and the view at the head of the bay was amazing, so I suggested that instead of hiking back in and up high we should hang out on the beach down low and just see what might happen. [Read Full Post....]
Self-taught and successful: Conor Sullivan learns hunting skills and bags his first buck on Kodiak. [Read Full Post....]
Wood bison, one of the two subspecies of American bison (the other is the more famous plains subspecies) and the largest terrestrial mammal in North America, were listed as extinct during the last century. Buffalo are native only to Africa and Asia, though the term “buffalo” is commonly used to refer to North American bison. Wood bison, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service numbered around 168,000 in the early 1800s and inhabited much of the taiga of Alaska and northwest Canada. The species’ population was wiped out due to overhunting, disease and hybridization by the 1950s. [Read Full Post....]